Sunday, February 29

Hugh and I share a few characteristics: but the most apparent one is our love for book-making. I have a plastic tub in the basement heaped with the hundreds of books I wrote and illustrated as a child (my parents could not bear to throw them out, and neither can I, so this chore is going to be passed on to the next generation, the poor dears). Hugh has now started down this path, too, completely unprompted by me. Although, yes, I admit to assisting his endeavors, when appealed to for help. This one was completely unaided by me, and in fact, Hugh gives the by-line to "The Printer" because he used so many pages printed off the computer! Very modest of him.
We have so many of his books now, that I am just starting to think of getting him his own plastic storage tub. But I'll put in in the attic!

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