Tuesday, April 13

Only Hughie and I dyed eggs this year. Peter was exhausted after a soccer tournament and just wanted to lie on the couch and read, Paul was tapping away at the computer, and Henry was terrified of remaining downstairs because I had used the blender (just for a moment) a few minutes earlier! He is really Blender-phobic these days, although his terrible fear of our cat, Daisy, has greatly abated . This is pretty good, as Daisy is around constantly but I only use the blender on rare occasions. Hughie and I had fun, just the two of us.

A wonderful thing we did on Easter was to go to the movies as an entire family! We have never all 5 gone together before because of fearing how Henry would do. I will always have a soft spot for the very silly Disney film we saw, "Home on the Range", just because it marked a first for us. It is always a red letter day when we find some new activity we can all enjoy together.

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