Friday, September 10

These Morning Glories in my neighbor's garden really ARE Heavenly Blue, just as their name promises.

I've been thinking a lot about names and their meanings, and this has made me wish I could change Henry's name. The name Henry means "He who rules the household." And this is true. Henry's Autism has shaped our life in ways we would not have chosen. I found a great new name for Henry on a baby name site. If I could choose again I'd call him "Ken-Ji", a Japanese name meaning "Intelligent second son". I couldn't find a name that means "Intelligent, sensitive and easy to live with", so this one will have to do!

By the way, my cousin Sue Sweeney has a beautiful photo of Joe Pye Weed on her blog "In My Garden", if you're interested. I always liked the name of that plant. Who was Joe Pye anyway?

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