Monday, February 14

Went in to New York on Sunday for a few art events. The main draw was the chance to see Christo's Gate Project in Central Park. It was just so fun and quietly amazing that it is hard to describe. The weather was perfect, sunny and crisp with enough breezes to periodically lift the fabric and send it flashing against the Parrish blue skies. But perfectly comfortable for strolling the paths, in company with what felt like the entire city (and its country cousins). But instead of the usual heads-down no eye contact rushing along one usually finds in Central Park the mood was relaxed, joyous, festive and convivial. Strangers snapped each other's pictures, and admired each others dog's and babies. We traded smiles and even jokes with other Gates walkers, and people eagerly pointed out best vantage points to other folk. It was a Happening, and we were all there happily happening together.

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