Sunday, April 3

Henry's home assistant (TSS) hasn't been in all weekend and I guess he was missing his usual activities so he dumped several boxes of materials into his bed. Note the letter card in the middle: H. Almost wonder if it was deliberate, like the mark of Zorro.

When I meet nice, interested people in stores or parks and I tell them that Henry is autistic (because he is doing something very strange and they are trying to figure out what is up) I can usually predict the next sentence out of their mouths. They get this kind and sympathetic look on their eyes and they say, bracingly "Oh, wow, Autistic? Well, I hear that autistic kids are all geniuses at something!" I always just smile and bite my lip. The fact that around 80% of people with autism have mental retardation (depending on which study you read) is NOT what they want to hear. Besides, they are somewhat correct. Henry's genius obviously lies in the mess-making department.

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