Monday, September 26

H gets in J's face and J tries to grab H's nose. The Two Stooges? My friends Alastair and Lindsay are visiting from Scotland with their 5 month old J. He is the cutest thing and P and H are very into him: a touching sight to witness. Henry on the other hand is completely oblivious, except that he is interested in some of J's infant toys and makes off with a certain orange squeeze toy whenever he can. The flip side is that we have mountains of baby and toddler toys here as I buy them for Henry at yard sales and resale shops constantly (11 year olds are innocently hard on toys intended for 18 month olds) and sometimes get them from kind friends who think of me when they are clearing out the toy chests of their growing children. Henry's autism has made unending his interest in flashing, whirling and musical toys. So for J it is like taking up temporary residence in a toy shop! But now where DID his orange squeeze toy go?

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