Thursday, December 14

I am working on my holiday spirit. No, I didn't bake my special gingerbread cookies yet, this fellow is from Trader Joe's. I am working up to it, making haste slowly as the saying goes. I am slowly assembling my "army" of flour and sugar and butter and spice, finding the cookie cutters and the old stained recipe cards. I need to excavate the tins from the basement and wash and dry them. Lots of little steps.

Here is really the hold up: we have a meeting with our school district tomorrow morning to discuss Henry's individualized educational plan (his IEP.) Please send out some good thoughts for us if you would! It is an important meeting and until it is over, I don't think I am going to be able to get my happy holiday game on. However, in the meantime I have hired this guy as my proxy. On close inspection he is even a little cracked: perfect!

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