Friday, February 2

The Studio Friday topic today is Portfolios. Somebody suggested the topic by writing in:
"I've never put one together. I would be very interested to see and hear what everyone else has as a portfolio and what makes up one"
~ Jo

Of course there are lots of different kinds of portfolios used for different purposes. My main portfolio is really my website. There you can see samples of my work, my resume and statement and lots lots more. I update it pretty frequently. It may not be up to the minute but it is up to the last half hour! But occasionally you need to put together a packet of information that can be held in the hand and passed around at a committee meeting. A school recently asked me for just such a packet (or small portfolio) on my Genre of Inclusion project. They are considering inviting me to exhibit, and I was very flattered and happy to be considered. I decided to put together four or five packets while I was at it: here you see my assembly line spread out on a card table. Inside I put copies of my resume, artist statement, copies of reviews and articles on the project and of course, print-outs of a selection of pieces from the project. Because, yes, the whole presentation is important, but of course, it all hinges on the actual work!

For this kind of portfolio, which is sent to an institution or person, I like to make it semi-disposable. I always include a SASE, but just in case it doesn't make it home, the loss should not be catastrophic. So, it is all copies of things or computer print-outs: no originals. I use a simple 3-ring vinyl presentation folder and plastic sleeves from a local office supply store.

The odd thing about getting all prepared like this is that you immediately find you have a use for each and every one of the packets and you wish you'd done more!

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