Tuesday, April 10

is this week's topic over at Studio Friday (I am horribly late!) I think I've posted about this greedy aspect of my character before but oh well! Anyway, yes, art books are one of my weak spots. I love them and covet them. I have a large collection which is slowly but carefully ever-growing. The bad thing (or good thing, depending on how you look at it) is that these books are SO EXPENSIVE that I can only afford a new one every now and again. And for some reason, they are not all that easy to buy used on-line as you would think. After ordering such copies, I often get an e-mail saying "Sorry! We thought we had that one but we don't. Refund forthcoming." Are art books harder to keep track of than other types of books? Not sure what this is all about. Ha, that reminds me: once I even got a long rambling excuse from a seller apologizing and explaining that her golden retriever had started chewing the book when she left it on the table before wrapping it. The dog ate your art book, OK!

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