Friday, June 1

I belong to a Farm Share program, part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) scheme. I can't recommend it highly enough if you've never tried it. You pay a certain amount upfront and then partake of fresh, locally grown produce (and sometimes things like eggs) late spring to late Fall. It gets delivered to a convenient drop-off point in your neighborhood, and once or twice a season you take a turn as the farm pick-up person. It is wonderful to walk around the fields where your food is being grown, and meet the chickens that are producing the eggs you eat! As an added perk they let you pick a big bouquet from their cutting garden.

This is my third year with this particular farm, Vollmecke Orchards, which seems an extra good one (I was in another one once, so have some basis for comparison.) Today was the first delivery day and amongst a whole array of goodies Farmer Karen included strawberries and asparagus and watercress. What luxury! Pea tendrils, too, which were new to me and delicious. There always a few recipe sheets thrown in the box too, for the more esoteric items. It's a cookshop chef's dream come true!

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