Wednesday, April 2

I am always game when invited to participate in a recipe exchange, even though you usually might get one recipe out of it, and that's if you're lucky! This time, it was an EMAIL recipe exchange, not postcards, which seemed to make a huge difference. I ended up getting about a dozen recipes back, and one participant was extremely generous and sent on all the recipes that she received too! So I feel happily recipe replete.

This one for Chicken Parmesan appeared in my inbox yesterday morning just as I was making up my grocery list so I decided to go for it. Although Chicken Parmesan is traditionally a rather heavy dish, this recipe was a little different. The sauce was more like a chunky vegetable salsa and the whole thing was not covered with a thick layer of gooey cheese, but had a lighter cheese sprinkling. It was delicious and received the coveted "Make this again!" award from the family.

(Email me if you want the recipe.)

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