Tuesday, October 14

I've decided to go back to my old bread-baking ways, at least for a while. Unfortunately, in the decade or so that has passed since any regular bread-baking I have lost the old, esoteric cook-book from which came my basic all-purpose bread recipe. Any suggestions for a good, basic sandwich bread recipe?

Yesterday I used the "Wheat Bread" recipe from my Breadman recipe book, and I even made the dough in the machine, but then baked it in a pan in the oven, to get the loaf shape I wanted. It came out fine, and the house smelled like heaven, but it seems a waste to run the oven for 40 minutes for one rather small loaf of bread. My old recipe made two large loaves, one of which I would freeze. And I always enjoyed the alchemy of the bubbling yeast and the various kneading and risings...since I work at home and take frequent breaks, the timing of old-fashioned bread baking is not a problem.

In this picture you can see the bread being made ready for the nightly lunch box routine. If anyone reading this has a good sandwich bread recipe, please let me know!

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