Friday, June 5

In the bag

Last night was the last day of an Intro to Oil Painting class I was teaching at the Main Line Art Center. It was a talented and dedicated class and as a goodbye treat I decided we would have a *gasp* live model! We'd been working from still life set ups the rest of the class. People were nervous but intrigued by the idea! An artist friend of mine, Eliza Auth, kindly offered to sit for us: payment in chocolate and a little sketch or painting of herself.

Well, so I was pretty busy helping out my students and only had time to start a very quick oil sketch of Eliza. I was a little disappointed with it and was not even sure it looked remotely like her: some payment! I told her I'd finish it up at home, and after class I brought my painting bag into the house and left it in the hall. I was pretty beat, and that's where it stayed overnight.

Well, this morning I was in the kitchen when Paul called out to me from the hallway "Hey, great painting of your friend Eliza!" He had not even known I was planning to paint her (in fact, she was substituting last minute for another friend!) I was absolutely thrilled that there was enough of a likeness for verification by an independent just never know! Of course, about three seconds later young H chimed in with "No, that's not Eliza, that's her daughter Emily!" So, okay, I got to enjoy the pleasure of a big head for about three seconds, and at least I am in the same family likeness-wise! ;-)

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