Thursday, October 22

Mystery Dish

Calzone or Stromboli?
I made my first calzone a few days ago, or perhaps it was a stromboli? I'm pretty confused by the different definitions. I remember eating stromboli for the first time when I was 18, thanks to the Penn food services. I found it to be a delicious novelty of thin dough, sauce, cheese and pepperoni, rolled up like a jelly roll: yum yum!

Now at our local pizzeria, we often order what they call a calzone: something like a folded over pizza, crimped at the edges, filled with a variety of different options, but always including sauce.

However, the definition of calzone on Wikipedia says:
Although most strombolis are rolled, strombolis have also been known to be prepared like a calzone, where the only difference is that a stromboli has the sauce inside of the folded crust, where the calzone is served with dipping sauce on the side.

This concoction I made is folded, not rolled, but it does indeed have sauce (and other goodies) inside of it. Perhaps it is a new hybrid: Calzoli?

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