Monday, January 25

It's Complicated

...but delicious!

Inspired by my friend Lynne Campbell mentioning it on Facebook last week, I cooked up some Dahi Machi last night. That is a Bengali style fish in velvety yogurt sauce. Or as it shall forever be known in my houshold "The fish-dish. The Indian fish-dish!" (Don't ask.)

Like many Indian recipes it calls for much measuring of spices, blending of spices, rubbing or browning of spices and the dicing of many vegetables. This dish also necessitated a session with the blender at one point. The actual cookery involved was not complicated...just a lot of little steps. The result was fantastic, and well worth it. Youngest son H did mention that he thought there was "a little too much flavor" but I noticed he had second helpings so it could not have been that big a problem for him. His tender young taste buds soon adapted.

It was one of those times in the kitchen when I was really enjoying the adventure of a new recipe, feeling the flow and the joy of the work. Rare of late.

There are many recipes for Dahi Machi out there. I used this one (click here), and a few tweaks and substitutions with which I will not bore you, as I am sure you'll have your own ideas on what to do. I suggest serving the fish-dish with rice, spinach, naan and chutney. And don't worry about too much flavor. Just say "Yes, please!"

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