Friday, February 12

White Doom

For once, the scaremongers got it right! We were smacked upside the head with a full force blizzard Wednesday, whomping us with another avalanche of snow and ice on top of the heavy snowfall we'd already experienced just four days earlier!

Icicles on the porch

Several kids came over to play.

The boys had a ball!

I gave in to the urge to bake.

In the middle of dinner the power went out. Candlelight was pretty, but no heat was no fun.

At one point I started burning old stretcher bars. You might ask why my husband the furniture maker did not bring home wood scraps when he heard the forecast. Ask away!
Anyway, we were without heat, light or any heating power (no stove) for over 24 hours, and I have to tell you even this little tiny taste of natural disaster was pretty darn sobering. Makes you think, especially about how lucky we are 99.99% of the time..
Despite the temporary exigencies, we were lighted and warmed by the camaraderie of wonderful neighbors and the generosity of friends who opened their (warm!) homes to us.

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