Friday, April 23

Beaver Farm in Motion

is this week's prompt over at Photo Friday and I thought I'd post this shot I took yesterday while visiting Camphill Special School. A few years ago the school bought nearby Beaver Farm to enlarge their transition program for 18-21 year olds with special needs. There is a desperate need for programs for this age group, and Camphill is hoping to provide many more young people with a wonderful place to learn skills and self-reliance in a healthy, wholesome farm atmosphere. They recently started construction on several buildings which will eventually provide housing and classroom space for many more young people than they currently can serve. This is a wonderful thing...and very unlike the usual heart-rending scenario of bull-dozer + old farm = suburban sprawl. This is all about creation, not destruction!

Even Floss the farm dog can feel the good energy, obviously!

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

~Henry David Thoreau

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