Sunday, March 11


You were expecting maybe a bikini? Hahahahaha....sob! Actually, this has been a wonderful week, despite the lack of coconut-scented body products and drinks. I've been able to catch up a little, both at home and in both my studios, home and school. It's been heavenly to finally feel able to get work done without the distraction of classes and other school-related events. I did have to attend one meeting at PAFA but to make that day more fun I arranged to meet up with two friends for a tour of the terrific Henry Ossawa Tanner exhibit. Here's a spring-break-ish shot my friend Carla Tudor took of me in front of a piece in the exhibit African-American Artists Since 1940 a really amazing and inspiring show all in its own right. Right upstairs from the Tanner...worth the walk (or just take the elevator!)

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