Saturday, August 18



So, friends of ours had a kitten emergency. They adopted a cat from a shelter, and although this shelter requires that the cats they give out be neutered or spayed before they will relinquish the cat, and in fact they make the adopting people pay for this process...someone at the shelter or vet's office made a mistake. My friends payed to adopt a spayed cat, especially important as they wanted an indoor/outdoor cat. The cat became pregnant about 5 minutes after they got it home. Oh dear!

The cat had five kittens, too, and well, son H begged and begged and we caved. Today was Kitten Delivery Day!

Smiles and tears from the nice family giving the kitty to us...

H gets to know his new pet a little

"Whatchu lookin' at?"  Attitude already at 10 weeks...!

Learning how to hold a squirming kitten...not as easy as you'd think! But fun. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nancy, congrats on your new family member! Wait until you see how quickly you all fall in love with him! It certainly appears that one family member has already done so :-)


Karin Fox