Saturday, September 8

First Race of the Season!

Belmont Plateau was looking its best!

That's my guy! (I'm holding his glasses.)

Coming up the hill...

Dramatic skies as they cross the ridge...

Spreading out

The Hay Bale at the finish...H's long legs made it no obstacle

A good start and a strong finish! Well done!

The entire team did well overall...a happy day!


Quilter's Diary said...

I can't get over how tall and lean and handsome and grown up he looks! It seems he's changed so much since we visited in the spring.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Yes, he grew about three inches over the summer, if we didn't have the measurements inked on the wall I wouldn't have believed it possible! He looks great w/o his glasses, but doesn't have any interest in wearing contacts at the moment, so you don't see his handsome face as much, normally.
I didn't start wearing contacts till 17, myself, we are late bloomers in my family!