Monday, April 1


Fragrant Easter!

That darn Easter Bunny never knows when to call it quits!

Sixteen year old H is learning to drive!

Brunch at Camphill Special School, Beaver Farm. Henry was so glad to see us. and vice-versa.

Henry posing with cows. Unfortunately someone has taught him to make this "CHEESE" face every time he notices a photo is being taken! ;-D

It's definitely a real farmhouse; there's real mud in the mudroom!

The drive home passed in a blur! Two weeks of Henry vacation, coming at us!

An Easter nap!
What came first? The chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg?

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Quilter's Diary said...

Looks like you had a lovely Easter. We were at home, just us and Kevin's brother Andrew, but he boned a turkey BEFORE cooking it and stuffed it with something magical, so we had Feaster dinner. (With chocolate eggs and bunnies too.)