Tuesday, December 24

Xmas Eve Amox!

Ho Ho Ho! Here's a little Xmas eve present for me, a nice bottle of antibiotics! I've been more or less ill since the evening of Dec 13th....I thought it was just a virulent cold and that I was getting slowly better but this morning I either had a relapse or started afresh on illness number two (which appears identical to illness number one.) My physician didn't even bother to see me again: when I called the office to see if I could come in (again) the receptionist wouldn't make me an appointment, she just took a message and an hour later called to say the doctor had phoned in a prescription (unspecified) to the drugstore. Phoned it in about sums it up. I guess it's xmas eve and nobody really wants to be working, but this is not confidence-inspiring.  Not sure why if it's "just a virus" as the doctor decreed at last week's office visit, that I'd suddenly need an antibiotic? Without another check-up or even a phone consult? Ho Ho Ho!  #feelingrumpyandlousyandUNCONFIDENTinmyhealthcareprovider

Follow Up: The antibiotics worked like a charm. So, I guess my doctor knew what she was doing after all! ;-)


LindsayDH said...

That's not good Nancy :( and antibiotics won't work on a virus! Here we would not be given them for at least a month and the doctors were sure it had turned into a chest infection. I'd tell you to rest and take it easy but tomorrow is Christmas and that's never been a holiday for mothers. Take it easy and try to relax? Merry Christmas! Xxx

Nancy Bea Miller said...

I know, right? This was a totally lame response to my request for some actual healthcare. I will definitely be shopping around for a new doctor first thing in the New Year! ;-( Anyway, I hope you et al have a wonderful Christmas and Hogmanay dear Lindsay! xox

Quilter's Diary said...

That's a nice dose of Christmas cheer! Hope everyone else is healthy and happy and has a wonderful time together. (Hope you also have a good time with your boys.)