Monday, October 11

I have to admit I felt a little lonely this day. And I think the picture looks lonely too. I'd walked Hen over to our local playground. Mostly younger Moms congregate there, with their toddlers and kindergartners. I'm sure to them, Henry must look like a Goliath; at ten years old he stands well over 60 inches high, and has a husky build to boot. I think they know something is "off" too, and this makes some of them suspicious and nervous. What they don't know of course is that Hen is the proverbial "gentle giant", and that their three year old could run mental rings around him and probably take away his candy too! This day when we went over to the swings I noticed a couple of the mothers shooing their kids away and making them play elsewhere. I tried to make eye contact and smile reassuringly but they just wouldn't comply, so by the unspoken rules of human social behavior I couldn't start talking to them and go into my "Henry is just autistic" spiel. Sigh. We had a little swing and then went home.

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