Saturday, October 9

A friend invited me to do the Philadelphia Open Studios Tour, using an empty space in her studio building. I agreed blithely, thinking mainly that it would be a good opportunity to spend some time with this friend. The reality is that I now have to haul all my paintings etc. and even tables and chairs and all paraphenalia (of which there is a surprising amount necessary) into this bare space, set it all up and then haul it all away again! For two days of showing. Argh! Never again.

On the other hand, maybe I will actually get to spend some time with this friend, and maybe I'll make some contacts. And it was very nice of the landlords to even lend the space! So I am being a bit of a surly dog to complain.

Here is the info if you wanted to come cheer me up in my "cell":

October 9th and 10th
12-6 pm
Studio 206
The Mills at East Falls
3502 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia PA 19129

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