Thursday, December 16

Well, it is hard to believe, but Paul (my husband) is so sick that he has actually stayed home from work! He's been ill for over a week, but he simple didn't believe it for a few days and kept dragging himself into work saying, "I think I'm feeling better today..." Nuh-uh. Today he finally admitted defeat, stayed home to run his fever in comfort and even made a doctor's appointment. Terrible to see him like this, poor guy. Unlike many other a husband I have heard of, he dislikes a lot of sick bed tending, and my offers of tea, toast, juice, more meds, pillowcase freshening etc. are almost always declined.

And of course, Paul was supposed to be finishing up making the frames this week for my upcoming show. Since they all have to be delivered to the gallery (framed) by next week I can only hope for divine intervention, or a really powerful dose of anti-biotics?

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