Sunday, December 19

When Henry is sad, we are all sad. Quite often we can't figure out why he is sad, since he can't speak very much. He uses PECS (picture exchange communication system), little picture cards velcroed into a book. But his PECS are mostly for concrete items like "Juicebox" "Granola Bar" and "Playground": no little picture cards for "General Angst" or "Existential Terror".
Today we are all a little sad because his TSS (therapeutic support staff i.e.home program helper) just quit, at least for the next few weeks. She has a lot of major stresses in her life, and had quit all her other cases, but wanted to keep on with Henry (they got along really well). But I guess finally, even just the one case was too much for her overloaded life.
Sigh. Back to square one.

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