Wednesday, January 26

This attractive display was in the entrance hall of Henry's school when I went in this morning for his IEP and Transition Meeting. IEP means Individualized Educational Program, and most kids with special needs have them. The Transition meeting was really what I was anxious about this time. Henry is in fifth grade equivalent, and slated to go on to Middle school next year. He has been in this very excellent public school program for less than one year. I was unhappy at the thought of tearing him from such a comfortable and productive atmosphere and dropping him into a program that would be starting up the year he enters. However, the school officials put me out of my misery mercifully quickly and told me right away that he can stay another year in his present program. Didn't even have to beg or negotiate! I felt like one of these jelly bean people as I left, all wobbly (with relief), a few pieces falling off here and there but hey, standing up straight and tall!

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