Saturday, January 1

Paul and I just got back from a quick visit out to the Bay Area. We got to visit with a lot of our family who have migrated out there. I love San Francisco but this trip the only city things we did were sleeping (my mother-in-law picked a great hotel for us), shopping (our luggage was lost for two days on USAir) and eating dinner (wonderful restaurants). The rest of the time we were out of the city and we saw more wildlife in action than I've ever seen before: Gray whales migrating, dolphins leaping, salmon spawning, sea lions splashing, quails bobbing and hawks riding thermals only feet away from us as we walked along a cliff at Point Reyes. I kept wanting to look over my shoulder for the "Wild America" cameras. It all seemed too perfectly real to be real if you know what I mean. What a fantastic place. But happy to be back home with our boys. Lots of wild life in action here too.

Happy New Year everybody!

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