Friday, June 17

H got invited to a friend's house, a friend who has a pool. Henry watched him gathering suit and towel etc and when I called the guys to get into the car he leaped in excitedly. Clearly he thought he was going to the Pool too (his favorite thing). How to explain? I tried, but when we got to the friends house and only H got out Henry was obviously disappointed. He gestured repeatedly at the house, not being able to speak, but communicating very plainly. I had to say "Sorry buddy, we are not invited this time."

His face fell as he slowly realized he was not going swimming too. I took him to a local playground where he soon cheered up and played happily on the swings. Made me think about how so much of Henry's life consists of bewildering inconsistencies, accompanying me here and there, sometimes doing this sometimes that, sometimes x is allowed, sometimes it is not. If you couldn't understand the reasons for it all, wouldn't it drive you crazy? He was such a good sport about the whole thing. I guess he has sure had a lot of practice.

BTW, today was the last day of school! Almost three months of summer vacation coming at me. I surrender.

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