Friday, August 26

"In the beginning there was only Chaos, the Abyss,
But then Gaia, the Earth, came into being,
Her broad bosom the ever-firm foundation of all..."
(Doesn't Ever-Firm sound like a good name for a brassiere and girdle company?)

This is the Koi pond at The American College. I was there picking up invitations for a show I am going to be in at one of their galleries. I had to bring P and H with me (no camp and no playdates as everyone else IS in camp) and I thought this would be a bit of an ordeal for all concerned. But while I was talking business the boys ran off to explore and found this gorgeous pond boiling with fish, and a fabulous site sculpture, and adorable winding paths by a verdant stream etc. etc. All of which I would probably never have seen without them. Metaphor for parenthood?

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