Friday, August 19

I bought a half share in a CSA this summer. CSA stands for community supported agriculture, and the program supports small area farms, which deliver shares of produce at a drop-off point each week during the growing season. Usually starts out rather thinly with lettuce, parsley and radishes, then you get overwhelmed with tomatoes and squash at some point: whatever the local farmer is able to grow. This particular farm I signed up with has really stood out, starting off the season with strawberries and asparagus, and currently having a lavish hand with the sweet corn and melons, and even a few peaches! And all organic. Nicole, at whose house we pick up our shares, has a wonderful sense of whimsy in the way she presents our weekly bounty.

Of course, since I only bought a half-share I had to take a knife to one of these beautiful little melons. It split evenly at the first stab, with a satisfying crack, revealing the juicy glory within. Next year, a full share for sure!

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