Tuesday, February 28

P and H have been into clay lately, at odd moments, and really coming up with some great stuff. This was just a quick little figure P twisted into life, but to me there is something quite powerful about it. Like a figure out of a dream, or a character from the movie Spirited Away. Which Paul and I loved, but decided was too scary for the boys to see for a while. When we finally did allow them to watch it, I think H (eight years old at the time) was happy that he was seeing it in our living room, parents at the ready. He took lots of "breaks" to get a drink of water or whatever, saying each time, "You don't have to to pause it. I'll be right back!"

I often feel that way when I'm in a movie theatre, trapped and overwhelmed, and wishing I could just go into the kitchen for a minute to remind myself it is just a movie. Maybe there could be Wimp Cinemas; easy access to the aisle from every seat, and a Break/Recovery Room with sofas and drinks on tap. Plus a detailed rundown of the plot posted in plain sight for those of us who hate suspense!

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