Sunday, February 5

My friend Eliza showed up at my door yesterday with this beautiful mixed bouquet. I was thrilled. Is there anything more wonderful than someone at your door with flowers in their hands?

Yesterday was the opening of a group show I am in. It was my first time exhibiting at this gallery, which is in New York City. It turned out that we could not find a sitter for Henry, and the thought of bringing him into the city for this opening, on a rainy day, was more than Paul and I could face. So, Paul stayed home with the boys. Fortunately, a van load of friends were going in for the opening and there happened to be one seat left. I gratefully took it. Many, many thanks to all the friends and family who made their way in for the reception (and to those who could not come but sent love and good wishes): I was really touched. Actually, the whole event was a little like a wedding reception: friends were there from all different areas of my life, plus family, minus the speeches and the cake! (And of course, I wore black and not white.)

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