Wednesday, April 5

This pizza was a little too gourmet for the boys. No red sauce, some unusual cheeses along with spinach and mushrooms: not a little-boy-pleaser. They each ate a piece dutifully, then passed on having more. Fortunately I had anticipated this possibility and provided plenty of extras (salad, veggies, fruit), so real hunger was not an issue. But I am fed up with making two seperate meals: people need to just eat around anything they can't stand. No more short order chef at the Cookshop I'm afraid! She has retired. In fact, I'll take it even further: she has moved to Florida! I see her living in a little pink campervan in a run-down spot near the beach. She has strung up some fairy lights in the nearby scrub trees and and set out some ratty old deckchairs to make a yard: just a small piece of heaven!

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