Friday, April 28

Today's PhotoFriday challenge is "Famous" and I don't know when I have ever had such trouble with a theme before. I racked my brain and searched my i-photo archives, but had a very difficult time coming up with anything. Fame is just not something I think much about, at least when I am thinking in photographs. Then I remembered taking this shot of my friend Eliza last time we went to the Met, a few months ago. The big banner with the marble pillars soaring above seem to fit the bill. Plus, something about the two of us, relatively unknown little painters, traveling in from the boondocks (well, Philadelphia isn't the boondocks really...) to worship at the Big Important Temple of Art (which is how I think of The Met.) Kind of funny, in a humbling kind of way!

(I actually felt relatively famous today because Ned Batchelder just used a photo of mine, "Big Hug", on his blog. Click here to see it. Ned is an old college friend, a computer guru, and also the parent of a child with autism.)

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