Tuesday, May 2

Last week I went to the opening reception of the Philadelphia Sketch Club's small oil paintings exhibit. I got two paintings juried into it, and I think it is kind of cool to be in a show that has happened annually for 143 years! Makes you reflect upon the long line of painters that have come and gone before you, and the others who will continue to come and go long after you paint your last.

I was trying to get a shot that included my two pieces when this Duane Hansen-ish couple seated themselves pretty much right in front of my viewfinder. They were most likely tired (it was a very crowded and hot opening) and I certainly did not begrudge them the seat. Plus, it made for an interesting, if unplanned, photograph! You can see my painting "The Knish" above and to the left of the woman, but "Chinese Export Cup with Mints" is almost completely obscured by the man's sports jacket.

Incidentally, I was very taken with the painting of the pumpkin hanging inbetween the couple. It is by an artist I don't know named Tim Conte. And I was thrilled when several different people at the reception assumed it was by me! I wish. I had a brief fling of painting pumpkins a few years back, and I kind of got them out of my system. But seeing this one brings back some of that old desire.

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