Thursday, May 4

Recently I have started getting the occasional letter from art school and college students asking questions about my work. This is very, very flattering, but also humbling. I can't help but think, "If only they knew how little I actually know!" and, "If they could just see my studio, they'd run a mile!"

So, in the interests of full-disclosure, here is a partial shot of my palatial studio: it is about 12 feet by 16 feet. Notice my state-of-the-art palette stand: an old creaky sculpture plinth picked up at a yard sale. Note the fancy palette: a pad of disposables, and my elegant turps cup: an old Herb-Ox boullion cube container. Observe the cleverly engineered storage system: paintings piled 6 deep along the walls. Not shown, my indispensible studio assistant: the family cat.

But it works! It is that all-important asset, a room of my own, in which I can do my work. That is the main thing.

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