Monday, May 22

This is another of the murals we saw on the Philadelphia Mural Arts Project bus tour (see last post.) Painted in a part of the city with a large Puerto Rican population, it is a scene of wild Peurto Rican beauty. Our tour guide told us that this artist is much admired in the community, and that she has more calls to do murals of Peurto Rico than she has time to do them all!

This is for the Moody Monday challenge today of "Foreign" and I hope it isn't too much of a stretch. I was honored to be asked to be last week's "Moody Monday Favorites" judge (to be honest, I think they were desperate for new blood). You can check out my picks here. If you have never worked as a judge you should try it. It gives you a whole different (and valuable) perspective on the competition process. There were dozens of excellent entries: it was a challenge to whittle my list down to just five!

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