Thursday, May 25

reigns on top of H's dresser. Like many young children he adores tiny objects. The problem is, how do you keep up with them all? I remember my father created a little chest of drawers for us kids when we were young. It was called the "jinky-junky drawers", and was where all small, miscellaneous toys went to live. And what fun it was to play with the fascinating and diverse collections! Plastic dutch dolls nestling against wooden tops jostling an old Sucrets tin filled with flattened bottle caps: well, you get the picture. Treasures within treasures. Things only a child would value. But my parents still have the jinky-junky drawers and on my occasional visits home I still enjoy sifting through the objects within. Like Proust's madeleines, but tactile and visual instead of olfactory, they are a powerful aide memoir. I need to make a set of "jinky -junky drawers" for my own children.

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