Friday, May 12

from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Moses and the Burning Bush, with Moses Removing His Shoes
c. 1465-70
Attributed to Dierick Bouts
Took this shot with my little Canon which I keep secreted in my shoulderbag. You can see that my hand was shaking slightly, from guilt? Even though photography is allowed in most of the galleries, I am always unsure. I go ahead and shoot anyway (no flash), but I'm just waiting for the heavy hand of the law to clap down on my shoulder. So ridiculous!

Anyway, I love how this painting, and most work I have seen by Bouts, is both real and surreal at the very same time. You swing back and forth between suspension of disbelief and absolute conviction of reality. And I love the comical feature of Moses sitting down and matter-of-factly removing his shoes because he is on Holy Ground. I wish could get my three boys to do likewise when they enter the house, caked in mud. Unfortunately, they are on to me: I am no Holy Oracle.

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