Thursday, March 1

We have a new housemate and here he is. He is a methuselah rabbit, by which I mean he has lived so long that he outlived his previous owner's interest in him. She got him in middle school (I think), and eventually went off to college and graduated and started a working life that has no room for bunnies. Understandably so! The bunny has far outlived his expected span of years. H was thrilled to be handed down this cute little guy who is friendly and lively despite his great age. Of course, we talked about the fact that Bunny could pass on at anytime...but H decided to go for it, nonetheless. Life lessons with a twinkly nose. Not sure if this was the wisest parental move I have ever made (I am thinking of vet bills almost definitely ahead) but then...I seem to have misplaced my Wise Parent's Handbook somewhere. Let me know if you see it, OK?

In the meantime I'm off to buy a salt lick.

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