Sunday, March 18

So, we have started letting our recently adopted rabbit out in the afternoon for a few hours. We did this a few times before it occurred to me that he might get hungry and thirsty while roaming around. When I set down some food and drink Bunny fell upon the food like it was manna from heaven. I felt guilty at not having realized this sooner, but also relieved that I eventually figured it out! There is definitely a learning curve to pet ownership.

Now, when H lets him out, Bunny follows me around like a little dog. Whither I goest, he goest too. Even when I was on the computer this afternoon I eventually realized Bunny was curled up patiently at my feet, idly nibbling my shoelaces. I think he has imprinted on me as She-Who-Supplies-Food!

Not unlike every other living creature in this house (human, animal and even houseplant) now that I think about it a minute!

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