Wednesday, August 8

Just back from a family reunion/vacation in Wisconsin. We stayed at a place that is very close to Henry's idea of heaven: all water all the time! Set on the shores of a lovely lake, this place also boasted two outdoor swimming pools, a pond, and a big indoor swimming pool and supersized-hot tub. A fun outdoor water park was only scant minutes away.

There was even live music one night, right up there on Henry's list of all-time favorite things. He rocked out joyfully, and tried to rush the stage a time or two! No, I doubt he has any performing aspirations, I think he just wanted to be in the spotlight because he likes the glare.

All in all, pretty close to Autism (Hen's particular type) Heaven. They just needed a few all-hour ball pits and non-stop moon-bounces, a trampoline or two, and maybe some laser light & music shows, for true perfection. Nonetheless, we were very grateful. When Henry's happy, we are all happy. Did you know that the name Henry means "he who rules the household"?

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