Thursday, January 10

Henry seemed very taken with this little pretend candy house at the petting zoo a few days ago. Since he can't talk much, I can only guess what he was thinking as he gazed bemusedly upon it. Perhaps something like "Can I eat it?"

I brought Henry back to his school yesterday after the extremely long Christmas vacation. For the first time ever he was unhappy to be left there, which was very distressing. We'd talked and talked to him about going back, tried to prepare him every way we could. His housemother and the girls, the co-workers, reassured me that all the children were having a hard time this year, probably because of the unusual length of the break. To ease the transition I sat and visited for a while but every time I tried to get up he grabbed my hand and cried. Finally it seemed that my staying was not helping at all so I just had to give him a quick kiss and run away. As I slipped out the front I could hear Henry wailing and the flutter of the girl's voices as they all clustered around him soothing and consoling him. I know I left him in the very best of hands, but what a wicked witch I felt.

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