Wednesday, January 7

Goodbye sweet Daisy
I had to put Daisy down today. What a hard thing. She was about 17 give or take a few months. We had to guess as we adopted her as a grown cat. The Vet estimated she was about a year and a half when we adopted her in April of 1993. Paul and I had her before the human babies started coming...she was our "pre-child" in a way.

And what a wonderful cat she was...sweet-natured and affectionate. Even people who were not cat fans liked Daisy...we heard it all the time "Well, I don't usually like cats but if I could get one like her...!"She was so gentle that she never scratched anybody or even the sofa, ever. Just her scratching board (which she preferred sprinkled with a little catnip.) She had dense incredibly silky "bunny fur" and beautiful gold-green eyes. She loved being petted and brushed. Turkey and ham were her favorite treats.

A funny thing about Daisy is that she was an indoors cat by choice. When we first adopted her we lived in the city and she never showed the slightest inclination to go outside, which we were happy about as we lived on a busy street. But when we moved to this quiet tree-lined neighborhood we decided that she could go out if she wanted...only she didn't want! We tried once or twice and she'd flatten herself to the ground, eyes huge, whiskers twitching, looking for the first opportunity to dart back inside. She was a contented little hothouse flower.

Goodbye my sweet girl!

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