Saturday, January 31

last weekend and becoming distracted by a ringing phone or a buzzing timer I allowed him to do his chore (putting away the clean cutlery) without supervision. Here is the result of that! He'd slammed the door shut and put the cutlery basket back into the dishwasher and skedaddled before I came to inspect! How can someone be so clued in to the ramifications of his actions (Mom will be angry that I did not do the chore right so I better get out of here) yet so profoundly not care (Nonetheless I cannot be bothered to do the chore right unless she is standing over me) at the same time!?! Welcome to Autism, Henry-style.

Well, the chore-avoidant boy just landed himself on a new book cover recently, and here it is:

You can find out more about the book here. I took this shot a couple of years ago on our front porch (the light is superb for portraits there) during a fit of happy giggles. Nobody can laugh like Henry does...he laughs with his whole being!

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