Sunday, May 31

Okay, I think I finally figured out what was happening to my sunflowers! Back story: I have tried growing sunflowers for the past few years to no avail. Yeah, I know, sunflowers are easy! However, some creature in my neighborhood has a taste for sunflower seedlings and routinely chomps my babies down to nubs. (The above photo is uncharacteristic: the chomper was obviously disturbed mid-massacre and left one on the ground.) This year I started several sunflowers inside, only planting them when they reached a good hearty size. I hoped this would deter the critters if the critters were bugs (this super-sizing approach does help with slugs for instance.) My newly planted babies were untouched for a few days, lulling me into a sense of false security. Then the chompster struck. And struck again the next night, leaving me with just one transplant still going. Nothing else in the garden was touched, including lettuce and radishes, but after consulting on Facebook and in person with gardening friends (thanks Linda!) I decided it must be rabbits (of which we have plenty!)

So, I wrapped the survivor in a coil of chicken wire and sticks. When I went out this morning it was still standing! Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I really hope this lone Autumn Beauty sunflower makes it to the Autumn! I've been waiting to paint one for years now.

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