Friday, May 22

A post in which I share what's on the real life menu at Genre Cookshop!

It was a perfect late spring day and I clearly heard the siren call of the grill. I'd recently picked up a copy of The Vegetarian Grill by Andrea Chesman and riffling through it my eye fell on the recipe for Grilled Tofu. This is the Grilled Marinated Tofu variation. The recipe suggested using a vegetable grill rack on top of the regular grill, so that the tofu would not break up and fall through. I started off the tofu on a vegetable grill rack but then realized break up was not actually going to be a problem, and transferred the tofu directly onto the grill wanting to get those delicious looking sear marks! I used Extra Firm Tofu and drained/pressed it for an hour before marinading it. This seemed to make it springy enough to defy the predicted break up.

The vegetable kebobs are an old stand by...skewered, sprayed with olive oil and very parsimoniously sprinkled with Kosher salt. I grilled Broccoli (briefly steamed, molto al dente, before skewering) and onions and red peppers and (not shown) portabella mushrooms. All were scarfed up in an instant (I admit I deliberately kept back a few strips of grilled pepper for my breakfast omelet tomorrow.) Served with rice, and salad (although since we'd already demolished a big pile of veggies there was only one taker for the salad.) Simple but superb!

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