Thursday, May 20

What's New in the Garden

It's a special time of the year, when you've just seeded and planted your garden. Hope fills your heart, expectations of future joy fizzes in your blood,and dreams of a delectable future waft through your brain. The gardener can't help this feeling of thrilled expectation even knowing full well you may soon have to face early blight, late blight, powdery mildew, blossom end rot, hornworms, drought, floods, aphids, rabbits and deer. Doesn't matter at all to the unreasoning joy and hope percolating through the gardener's soul in the early spring sunshine. This condition is similar to the early stages of pregnancy: sheer blinding thrill!

My Gardener's Gloat List:
Pole Beans (Trionfo Violetto and Kentucky Wonder)
Radishes (French Breakfast and Red Cherry)
Lettuce (Merveille de Quatre Saisons seeds and green oak leaf "volunteers")
Carrots (Danvers)
Cucumber (Armenian)
Tomato Plants: Mr. Stripey, Pineapple, Brandywine Red, Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple
Pepper Plant: Jalapeno
Potatoes: Red Norland and this unidentified small white

Parsley (Italian Flatleaf and Curly)
Thyme (French and English)
Rosemary (Upright)
Basil (Lettuce Leaf)
Chocolate Mint

Nasturtiums, Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisy, Sunflowers (Autumn Beauty), Cosmos, Marigolds, Four-o-Clocks, Zinnias, Chinese Lantern, Tithonia, and Alyssum!

Of course, my garden is small, teeming with wildlife and bugs and boys with soccer balls and basketballs and whiffleballs, and I am an organic (slacker) gardener, all of which means half these things won't make it. But there is no hope so unreasoning as the hope of a gardener! Let me dream on, for a few more days at least! ;-)

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