Thursday, April 7

Henry's Spring Break

Henry comes home

As usual, Henry's recent two-week spring break reminded me of Hemingway's words: The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.  Sometimes while I am squaring up to a six-foot-five 250-pound young man in a rage, I get a sudden objective flash of vision of myself doing this, and I am momentarily shocked at how strong I have learned to be. (Not always though. Sometimes I turn weakly away.)

All in all, this was a nice sojourn with Henry. Overall, his aggressive behaviors seem to be diminishing. What is increasing is his deficit in finding ways to entertain himself. So, there was more driving Mr Henry around than ever before (one activity that soothes and pleases him seemingly endlessly is being driven around. A shame that the gas prices are going up! ;-)

Here are some random photos from his break. We had many happy times:

We also had some dark times:

But we got through these rough patches. What helped was the love and support of friends and family. In no particular order here is a gallery of Henry Helpers and Friends:
Henry's favorite person on earth: Miss Janice!

Wonderful Ynnon brightened our days

Peter was a huge help with his twin brother. Here we are delivering some of my work to the Philadelphia Sketch Club. Peter drove, parked and Henry tended with grace.
Taz and Zai: but Henry is not at all  interested in new babies

Shaking hands with his emergency care coordinator Joel (the guy whose number to call if there is a huge emergency involving hospitals and/or police)
Hen and his neurologist, Dr. McHarg

It's hard to take Henry clothes shopping without help. Thank you Janice!

 One thing people don't hear much about is the occasional intense loneliness of being a special needs parent. You are often cut off from a lot of normal interaction others probably take for granted. So it was a special blessing to have several visits from friends and family over this vacation:
Our dear friends Andy and Diane Strauss

The Downs brothers  Tony and Paul measure up to each other
Friends we rarely get a chance to see Paul and Rose-Helene Spreiregan

My girlfriends were the best support imaginable. Bouquets to all of them:
We visited Sarah on her birthday

There was a lot of driving involved! Mary accompanied me on the night shift



Carol heroically did day AND night shifts

Sarah and her delightful, intrepid children came with us for a long nature walk

We had mixed feelings when it was time to say Goodbye:


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